Wed, Oct


Newly appointed technical director of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association Anton Corneal intends to place heavy emphasis on coaching development through the staging of more TTFA/Dutch KNVB “B” License courses.

Corneal has conducted a couple B License courses this year already, including for the Secondary Schools Football League, while there continues to be a series of C License courses. But the time has come for the level of coaching to go a level higher, according to Corneal.

“We have had a lot of people doing the C license courses and now we have to step up to the B license. It is now a higher level game and not just focusing on the youth,” Corneal said.

“It is a lot more information, a lot more detailed, it’s dealing with older players, dealing with teams, team tactics, dealing with analysing games. It gives the coaches more information that would be relevant to coaching in the Pro League, the semi-pro league and even at the national team level,” he added.

Corneal also intends to focus more on youth player registration within Trinidad and Tobago.

“I think one of my immediate aims will be to standardise the registration of youth academies because we have a lot of youth academies in Trinidad. We don’t just want to standardise the coach education side of it but also the registration of youth players whether it be players out of a club, a coaching school, or even communities to give them a place where their players can be registered so if in ten years time there is a transfer where that player can be tracked right back to their first team,” Corneal added.