Sun, Jul


Three match officials have been invited to attend the CONCACAF Tier II Course 2018 in Costa Rica from June 8-10. Those officials are Women’s referee Crystal Sobers and Men’ s Assistant Referees Joseph Bertrand and Ainsley Rochard.

The course is designed to continue the development of Tier II Referees and Assistant Referees.

The focus during this course will be on the following:

a. Physical fitness testing(FIFA World Cup Candidate Referee test)

b. Practical and technical training

c. Classroom and field sessions, including video tests.

A Fitness Test will be conducted on June 8, 2018 and all match officials must pass the FIFA Referee fitness test. Additionally, Women referees wishing to officiate Concacaf men’s matches, may choose to take the standard FIFA Men’s fitness test.

Rochard is back home after serving his appointment as an assistant referee in the first leg of the CONCACAF Scotiabank Champions League Final between Toronto FC and Chivas in Toronto last Tuesday. Rochard also officiated in the Champions League Semi final between Toronto and Club America on April 4th alongside referee Henry Bejarano and assistant Carlos Fernandez of Costa Rica.

Prior to the match, CONCACAF announced a referee exchange with the Asian Football Confederation, which began when the AFC provided referees for the recent Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League semi-final return leg in Mexico City, between Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC and Liga MX’s Club America.