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Final call for info on Home of Football.

THE members of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) plan to make a final call for information pertaining to contractual deals and payments from the Home for Football project at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

The TTFA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was scheduled to take place at 9am yesterday at the Ato Boldon Stadium, was postponed to June 13 due to the lack of a quorum. At least 24 delegates were required to be in attendance by 9.30 am for a quorum to be constituted. Only 21 members turned up and, in keeping with the TTFA constitution, it was confirmed that the meeting will be reconvened.

Yesterday’s meeting was expected to provide answers to numerous questions posed during an 11-hour-long AGM at the neighbouring National Cycling Centre on March 31. Among the issues raised were the Home of Football project, legal matters facing the local governing body by former coaches and administrators, and a media rights deal with local radio station I95.5 FM.

There were still some discussions over major issues yesterday which were chaired by TTFA first vice-president Ewing Davis, in the absence of president David John-Williams who is still on the mend after sustaining damaged ribs from a fall a few weeks ago.

According to Selby Browne, president of the Veterans Football Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago (VFFOTT),

“Several contracts were entered into for which there were no evidence, there is no approval and therefore several payments and monies were made without the permission of the Board,” said Browne.

The VFFOTT head said if no information is forthcoming by the next meeting of the TTFA, members will explore all options including seeking help from the police.

Another matter was brought to the attention of the members in attendance yesterday.

According to Browne, “The president (John-Williams), general secretary (Justin Latapy-George) and vice-president (Davis) are all scheduled to travel to Moscow for (meetings) before the opening game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup — that is the norm.

“And it was to be determined if the medical certificate (for the TTFA president) was for a stipulated period, which we don’t have. If the president is unable to travel, that means (today’s) meeting should have been to direct the secretariat to name the person who will represent the TTFA and to direct the secretariat to write to both CONCACAF and the CFU.”

Browne added, “Since the meeting could not proceed without a quorum, the decision wasn’t taken but it was noted. The chairman agreed to have the secretary established the length of the certificate.”