John-Williams: FIFA pleased with Home of Football project.

DAVID JOHN-Williams, president of the TTFA (TT Football Association), said yesterday that the global governing body for football, FIFA, is pleased with the work being at the Home of Football project at Balmain, Couva.

TTFA board member and TT Super League president Keith Look Loy has threatened to take John-Williams to court if he avoids a July 24 deadline to explain how much money was spent on the project.

Look Loy has also requested full disclosure on the names of all the companies/parties which submitted bids in connection with the project, the TTFA committee or official responsible for the selection for the contractor and any subcontractor either involved or will be involved; the name of the project manager; the names of the contractors and any subcontractors who have/will be involved; the value, duration and terms of all contracts, sub-contracts and/or any other instruments under which services are engaged and/or managed; and the current financial and construction status of the project.

The pre-action protocol letter was sent to John-Williams on Tuesday by Look Loy’s team of lawyers – Dr Emir Crowne, Matthew Gayle and Sheriza Khan.

The TT Government, in August 2017, approved the TTFA’s request to grant 7.64 hectors of land to establish a home of football.

According to John-Williams, “FIFA (came) here and (said) they were happy with the Home of Football, the progress and all the accountability.

“The TTFA reported that they got their second tranche of money from FIFA,” he added. “If your bank is giving you the money to continue, you must be doing something right and proper.”

A few TTFA board members have been calling on John-Williams to be transparent with regards to the FIFA funding being spent on the Couva project, including Selby Browne and Anthony Harford.

Asked for a response, John-Williams said, “I have absolutely no comment. Mr Look Loy has taken his action and I’ll respond at the appropriate time. All I’ll say is a couple months ago Mr Look Loy reported to the nation to brace for FIFA intervention. Was there any? That’s as much as I would comment.”