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Trinidad and Tobago head coach Dennis Lawrence was featured in a FIFA TV review titled “Coaches of the World United” following last weekend’s FIFA Football Conference in London during which a thorough review and analysis of the 2018 World Cup in Russia as done. Featuring in the clip was FIFA President Gianni Infantino, France World Cup winning coach Didier Deschamps. England manager Gareth Southgate, Germany’s Joachim Low, Spain’s Luis Enrique, Belgium’s Rpberto Martinez, Iran’s Carlos Queroz and head of FIFA Technical Study Group, Carlos Alberto Perreira.

While on stage for a panel discussion which lasted just around 90 minutes, Lawrence had to speak on trends he observed during the World Cup and how it would affect CONCACAF in the future.

“I think when we look back over a few years, a lot of the emphasis was on pressing the ball high up the pitch, stopping the opposition from playing out of the back. I think in this World Cup a lot of the teams decided to drop a bit deeper and start their line of confrontation and allow the team to stay compact,” Lawrence said.

At the end of the event, some of the participants shared their thoughts and experiences and stressed the importance of holding gatherings of this nature, which bring together the football family and leave room for reflective analysis.Attendees also held working sessions and discussed topics such as the number of goals scored in Russia, corners are taken, the number made from outside the area and the relationship between penalties awarded and marked, among other details.

Nearly 200 member associations were represented at the FIFA Football Conference. On the agenda was an analysis of the prevalent tactics and trends at Russia 2018 while some of the coaches in attendance gave their opinion on the event and its findings

“It’s very important to hold events like this. It gives us access to analysis carried out by highly experienced coaches and figures, which will undoubtedly be of great use to us. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to spend a bit of time with other coaches, because, normally, when we see each other for a match, we don’t have much time, whereas at an event like this one we can relate to each other better,” said France’s Deschamps