Annual General Meeting has been adjourned again.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is advising all stakeholders that the Annual General Meeting has been adjourned to December 9th, 2018 at 10:00 am.

This comes  after the successful completion of nine  items on the agenda of today’s meeting which took place at the UWI Faculty Lounge -The Faculty of Social Sciences.

The items covered were as follows:

– Roll Call
– Declaration that the Annual General Meeting has been convened and composed in compliance with the Constitution.
– Approval of the Agenda.
– Address by the President David John-Williams.
-Appointment of delegates to check the minutes.
– Appointment of scrutineers (for the President’s Address)
-Suspension of explosion of members (Nothing for Discussion).
– Audit report presented by Auditor and approved by the General Membership
– Election of the Members of the Board of Directors (Rayshawn Mars [Northern FA), Bandele Kamau [Eastern FA], Colin Partap [Central FA], Sharon Warrick [WOLF] and Julia Baptiste [TT Pro League].
–  Business arising from the Approval of the minutes of the preceding general meetings (Incomplete as the meeting was adjourned during this process.


TTFA AGM adjourned after 'painstaking' deliberations.
By Stephon Nicholas (Newsday).

PRESIDENT of the TT Football Association (TTFA) will not face a motion for his dismissal – at least until December 9 – after Saturday's Annual General Meetings (AGM) was adjourned following seven hours of discussions.

The motion to dismiss John-Williams was proposed for the AGM by president of FC Santa Rosa and member of the TTFA board of directors, Keith Look Loy. However, members agreed to adjourn the matter, along with several others, for the reconvened meeting in two weeks.

Saturday's meeting began with John-Williams addressing the membership on several matters and defending his leadership.

According to Look Loy, he blamed previous administrations for the current administration's financial standing, saying large debts were inherited. He also addressed the Home of Football's revenue potential and according to Look Loy, chided him for his statements made in public with regard to the controversial FIFA-funded project in Couva.

"I responded to that, of course, making the point that nobody is against the Home of Football. What we are against is the culture of secrecy that is being continued from past administrations under his administration."

Look Loy said John-Williams also addressed the struggling men's national team but distanced his administration from blame.

"I made the point that while he may be talking about the collapse or the failure of the men's team, I wanted to talk about the national teams' programmes: the Under-15 women, the [senior] women's national team, the Under-20 men. It has all gone into free-fall under his leadership.

"His address did not talk about the failure of the coach education, the failure of the grass-roots programme which is sponsored but cannot pay coaches working in it. Don't mind that there is sponsorship from Nu Iron, and other things as well – the lack of transparency in financial matters. The referees are saying that FIFA is sending money that is not filtering to their programmes. So the matters of financial transparency not only arise but abound and increase. He mentioned none of this."

Minutes of the last AGM were discussed after the break.

"(It was)...painstaking, page by page. That's the TTFA culture. We have minutes going back to 2017.

"Now, how can people reasonably discuss minutes of events that took place more than a year ago, going back to March 2017? You now bringing the minutes. That's to show you the quagmire that the TTFA administration is."

In addition, despite the constitution making no explicit mention of provisional members' eligibility to vote and perform other functions, a proposal was made by FC Santa Rosa, and is expected to be sealed by an amendment to the constitution, granting full rights to the members. That will expressly permit the Eastern FA, Central FA, Northern FA and Women's Football (WoLF and any future board representative full rights should they be replaced during their tenure.