An 85-member Swimming and Dive team contingent from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States toured the TTFA Home of Football Athletes Accommodation Hotel and Sport and Entertainment Centre on Friday.

The group, comprising of 80 athletes and five staff, met with TTFA President David John-Williams and a TTFA contingent for just over an hour as they had a first-hand look of the facilities which is expected to be opened in April of this year.

The athletes are currently in Trinidad for a training camp at the National Aquatic Centre in Couva.

Paul Bennett, head coach of Worcester’s Swimming/Diving team described the TTFA facilities as “world class” and vowed to return either later this year or in 2020 for a residential training camp.

“This morning we got to see the hotel, the entertainment centre and the velodrome as we’ve been training in the pool for the past six days. The aquatic centre is beautiful and definitely a world class facility. The athletes housing village (hotel accommodation) is amazing,” Bennett told TTFA Media on Friday.

“They have quite an assortment of rooms with a lot of flexibility with dining, laundry and space to sleep and house athletes and teams. I think it’s going to be great,” Bennett said of the hotel facilities.

“We will be very interested in coming back here. It makes a lot easier that everything is well within one area and we don’t have to go all over the island to find food, housing and a facility to train in. The weather is beautiful and the people have been nothing but hospitable. It’s been a perfect combination,” Bennett added.

“This trip has been focused on preparing for the university season while we are here and everything is world class. The new facilities look amazing and I’m very excited to see how they finish up and what will be offered to us next time as we look to train for our season,” he said.

SOURCE: ttfootball.org