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John-Williams admits Latapy owed millions

John-Williams admits Latapy owed millions

TT FOOTBALL Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams acknowledged on Friday that the local governing body is saddled with mounting lawsuits and is struggling to make outstanding payments.

John-Williams was speaking to the media at the Home of Football project in Balmain, Couva.

Former T&T playmaker, captain and coach Russell Latapy, who complained over his poor treatment, and lack of payment, by the TTFA, was appointed Barbados coach last month.

“His contract came to an end and he set himself off to greener pastures,” John-Williams said. “The (TTFA) owes Latapy millions of dollars, prior to (my) incarnation as president.”

John-Williams also commented on the current matter involving the TTFA and board member Keith Look Loy. Look Loy, the TT Super League president, got an order from the High Court, in mid-March, to receive all financial information related to the local governing body.

The Super League president admitted, on March 27, he was not pleased with the documents presented to himself and his legal team (attorneys Matthew Gayle, Dr Emir Crowne and Crystal Paul), and is considering the option of contempt of court proceedings against John-Williams and his general secretary Camara David.

John-Williams said, “He’s not satisfied. We’ve complied with the court order and that’s it. The TTFA has nothing to hide. We’re even willing to open up our books to the media.”

John-Williams acknowledged the TTFA’s financial struggles have resulted in the national men’s team playing friendly matches away since April 2018.

“The reality of the situation is that we can’t play at home because we’ll have to fund those games and we don’t have the money to do that,” he said. “Very soon the Home of Football is going to be up and running, and we will be able to host international games without draining the Association’s treasury.” Jamaica will host a pair of matches in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

According to John-Williams, “CONCACAF has saw it fit to host matches in Jamaica. I’m happy (for Jamaica). Jamaica is an hour away from the US. I guess all those things are under consideration. I think it’s an honour for (CONCACAF) to host games in Jamaica and T&T will soon be there.”