Sun, Jul

Look Loy calls for public disclosure of TTFA candidates.

TT SUPER League president Keith Look Loy is calling on TTFA (TTFA) general secretary Camara David to disclose the names of all those who have been nominated for positions in the TTFA executive, ahead of the November 24 elections.

In a message sent to David, on Wednesday morning, Look Loy wrote, “The deadline date for the nomination of candidates for the 2019 TTFA election of officers (on Tuesday) has expired. The names of persons included in two lists of nominated candidates (led by William Wallace and Richard Ferguson respectively) were revealed to the public by the media.

“(The) media reported that the participation of the incumbent TTFA president David John-Williams and any person associated with him had not been verified by the said president,” Look Loy added.

Look Loy, who is a member of the United TTFA team – led by Wallace – addressed the TTFA general secretary. “I now request the names of all persons whose nomination met (the) said deadline, as well as the positions they propose to contest.”

According to the outspoken administrator, “This is the only fair manner in which to proceed despite the fact that the constitution allows the general secretary to withhold said names up to ten days prior to the election. This gives a tremendous advantage to any incumbent.”

Look Loy made it clear that he is asking David to comment on the content, and not legitimacy, of any nomination.

Asked yesterday for a comment, David said, “That decision does not lie with me, that’s for the Electoral Committee to decide.”

However, it is understood that the electoral committee – the body in charge of organising and supervising the election process – has remained dormant under the current TTFA leadership, headed by president David John-Williams.

Repeated calls to John-Williams, about the Electoral Committee and if he has officially decided to seek re-election, went unanswered yesterday.