Sun, Jul

John-Williams sabotages United TTFA Nike proposal.

United TTFA is aware of a letter from international sportswear giant Nike being circulated by David John-Williams in the run up to Sunday's election of officers.

The letter states, inter alia, "there is no deal in place between Nike and the TTFA and Nike has no intention to pursue one", and is being used by John-Williams in a last ditch, desperate effort to deny United TTFA a victory at the polls.

In response to this travesty, United TTFA categorically states:

1. From the outset at its launch at the Queen's Park Oval on Saturday 2 November, we have always said the projected relationship with Nike is a proposal to be confirmed if United TTFA won the elections on Sunday.

2. The agents of United TTFA have dealt solely with Nike UK.

3. United TTFA has, in its possession, correspondence from Nike representatives referring to the proposed deal. Notably, the Nike letter to CONCACAF admits to discussions between United TTFA and Nike UK.

4. The enormous volume of bad publicity surrounding TTFA, including in yesterday's Daily Mail, and third party interference by persons acting on behalf of John-Williams have resulted in Nike withdrawning their enthusiasm for any deal.

5. Indeed, John-Williams, who has failed spectacularly to attract one significant sponsor to TTFA, is demonstrating the full extent of his vindictiveness and desperation by his willingness to deny a huge sponsorship opportunity to TTFA and Trinidad and Tobago football, in the pursuit of his narrow, selfish political ends.

6. United TTFA is not surprised at this desperate attack to distract from the personal and professional ethical shortcomings of David John Williams that have resulted in several high profile court judgments including one for over TTD 23 million dollars.

7. What is clear from the Nike letter shared by John-Williams is that the correspondence is between Nike and CONCACAF, not John-Williams. CONCACAF's interference in the internal affairs of TTFA and in our local election will not be tolerated by the Trinidad andTobago football stakeholders and public

8. It being Friday night in the United Kingdom, United TTFA's agents there advise they will respond officially to United TTFA and to the letter being circulated by John-Williams tomorrow, Saturday, morning (UK time).

United TTFA calls on the football community and public to ignore John-Williams desperate moves in the remaining hours prior to Sunday's election.