IN efforts to improve its transparency, the T&T Football Association (TTFA) will host quarterly “Round Table” talks with members of the media.

The decision was made, on Wednesday evening, after an eight-hour meeting with TTFA president William Wallace and members of his administration.

The newly-elected team consists of Wallace, first vice-president Clynt Taylor, second vice-president Susan Joseph-Warrick and third vice-president Sam Phillip. The team also had an eight-hour meeting on Monday with the biggest decision being made then being the shutdown of the Home of Football in Balmain, Couva, where the association’s elections were held on November 24.

Under previous administrations, especially that of ex-TTFA boss David John-Williams, the association received several complaints about a lack of transparency and accountability. And improving this has always been one of the tasks promised to be fulfilled by Wallace and his team if successful in the elections.

At a press conference on November 22, Wallace said the TTFA’s approximately $50 million debt has tainted the association’s relationship with corporate stakeholders in T&T.

He believes John-Williams was responsible for this.

“Unless we are like the ostrich and stick our heads in the sand, it is also difficult for us to ignore that the football association has found itself in this place solely because of bad decisions made by the manager of our football, the president DJW.”

With reference to a recent judgement that ordered John-Williams to pay Venture Credit Union $23 million, which was unrelated to football and the TTFA, Wallace said, “An immediate impact is the obvious fact that corporate T&T will further distance itself from the FA. It is one thing to have a debt that cannot be honoured, however, the decent thing to do is to sit and talk to your creditor.”

Asked how he plans to mend this relationship, he said, “One of the first things is good governance and transparency. That has to happen. We have not had that over the past four years.

“One of the things that we indicated is that, having gone out of T&T and getting support from international sponsors, we are hoping that would be the start to rebuilding that confidence by corporate T&T.”

Other discussions at the team’s Wednesday meeting included: The resignation of TTFA general secretary Camara David (effective November 30), 13 ongoing legal cases, the creation of an e-mail domain, among other things.

Also present at Wednesday’s meeting was senior men’s national team manager Richard Piper, head coach Dennis Lawrence, and head of the TTFA Elite Programme Gary St Rose.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday