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Politicians, dignitaries and officials from various organisations mixed with family, friends and loved ones to pay final respects to Raymond Tim Kee, former mayor of Port of Spain and president of the T&T Football Association.

His funeral took place on Monday at the St Theresa's RC Church on Warren Street, Woodbrook.

All lauded him as a person of integrity, focus, discipline and, most of all, love. In fact, all who spoke at the funeral told the congregation of his mantra, "Love is the answer."

In his eulogy, Tim Kee was praised for the work he did in football and with several grassroots projects in otherwise neglected areas.

“Peter Aleong dubbed him the president of the grassroot operations” said Noel Conliffe in his eulogy. “There were many grassroot projects which he was involved in that were not publicised.

"I remember when he became president of the Rotary Club of Central PoS he had to give his presidential address and he spoke of 1 Corinthians, which said there was no greater way than love. He allowed this theme to formulate his life and work. You would often hear him say ‘Love is the answer’”

His daughters, Ramona and Taheera Tim Kee, described him as a loving father who inspired them both at different times in their lives.

Taheera told the congregation Tim Kee taught her that her complexion or gender were not hindrances and showed her by example always to strive to achieve that vision of the life one desires.

“With his perseverance, sacrifice and tenacity he made it happen and he inspired many along the way. As a father he was loving and affectionate but had high expectations of his children. He had a love for deep conversations. He was practical, rational and a realist. My dad was my protector and my biggest cheerleader and his passing will leave a hole in my life.”

His second daughter, Ramona, spoke of the causes he championed and his children.

“He worked countless hours, accepted less than he should have, whether it be respect, money or support, and he persevered in the way only he knew how – with integrity and dignity.”

Officiator Fr Emmanuel Pierre encouraged the congregation to live a life like Tim Kee, so that when they finally die, their passing will be a blessing.

“There is such a thing as a good death,” Pierre said. “We are responsible for the way we die. The feeling we get when someone dies is not based on whether a person died accidentally or naturally. Rather, it takes root in how that person lived and how that person related to life in general.

"If our spirits were loving, like Raymond Tim Kee, who decided to empower people, pursue greatness, building young people and nation-building, we will get a glimpse of his beauty while we travel this earth. Conversely if our spirits had been poor and petty and bitter our deaths will also be that.”

Tim Kee died on December 7.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday