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The Trinidad & Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has today announced Trinidad & Tobago’s leading sports retailer Sports & Games as its Exclusive Retail Partner.

The four-year arrangement includes collaboration on a series of marketing campaigns and fan engagement programmes that will add extra value to fans who purchase official merchandise. Among the activities planned will be events including (but not limited to) ticket giveaways, match day experiences for Sports & Games customers, in-store customer events and ‘meet and greet’ opportunities with players and management.

The announcement follows the recent confirmation of Avec UK as the TTFA’s technical kit Partner and completes the important supply line to fans with the full support of the nation’s most influential sports retailer. Sports & Games will act as the sole domestic retailer of official playing kit, training wear and officially branded leisure apparel for all national and Women’s teams and the national Futsal and Beach football teams.

Sports & Games will undertake a minimum annual spend on marketing and promotional campaigns and will make staged licensing payments to the TTFA from generated sales.

As Official Retail Partner, Sports & Games will be afforded online and match day branding opportunities and will have exclusive rights to install and manage in-stadia retail outlets for all TTFA national team match days.

TTFA President, William Wallace said: “Following swiftly on from our announcement of Avec as technical kit and training wear Partner and Caribbean Chemicals as our first domestic Partner, this is another illustration of the growing confidence in the future of football in Trinidad & Tobago. We are building a commercial platform that has been lacking for too long and I am delighted that such a trusted and prominent retailer in Sports & Games has committed to joining the journey.

“Whatever effort we make as an administration, we cannot succeed without the assistance of Partners who understand what we are trying to do. The growing landscape of willing and supportive organisations is testimony to the progress we’re making with our overall plan of action. I am delighted Sports & Games is on board with us.”

Sports & Games (Director) Omar Hadeed told TTFA Media today at the signing at Sports & Games outlet,Trincity Mall, “I believe there is great potential in Trinidad and Tobago football and I’m delighted that Sports & Games is now part of the process to see that potential realised. This is not just about selling merchandise, this is an opportunity to work alongside the new TTFA administration and helping them to take football back to the people of this nation.

“I’m excited that we’ll be working with the TTFA on a whole raft of activities that can promote the positives of our football and generate a new level of enthusiasm. I can assure everyone we will be playing our part to the full and I’m proud that we have the opportunity to do so.”

Avec Chairman Peter Crawford said: “As the technical kit and training wear supplier, we’re delighted that the leading Sports retailer in Trinidad and Tobago, Sports & Games, is now a part of the commercial process. This end-to-end solution is a natural fit and the whole chain, from supply, to team, to high street makes perfect sense.”

The agreement also provides an option for Sports & Games Ltd to become a non-exclusive, international retail partner.

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