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KEITH Look Loy, president of the T&T Super League and chairman of the TTFA technical committee, is pondering legal action over an Inside World Football article posted on Tuesday.

The article, written by Paul Nicholson, titled “TTFA bosses guaranteed marketing man Miller $600K” addresses the hiring of Englishman Peter Miller as TTFA marketing director. In the article, Look Loy was described as “the ringmaster behind the United TTFA circus that is rapidly unravelling.”

Details of Miller’s contract were reported on by Newsday last Friday in an article titled “Foul over two-year, $4m deal.”

Miller was guaranteed US$25,000 per month, over two years, with options for two one-year extensions. The deal was signed off by ousted TTFA president William Wallace, who has claimed Miller asked him to keep the deal secret. Miller told Newsday last week this was untrue. Interviewed by Newsday last Thursday, Look Loy said he was completely in the dark about Miller’s contract.

Contacted on Tuesday about the allegations made on, Look Loy said, “I have asked my lawyers (Dr Emir) Crowne and (Matthew) Gayle to look at it in terms of defamation. This man has been writing for months, saying all kinds of incorrect stuff about me.

“This is just the latest,” Look Loy continued. “He’s blatantly fabricating stuff. This is not journalism.”

Look Loy, who has been an influential member of the United TTFA group led by Wallace, highlighted a couple of claims made by Nicholson in his “Miller $600K” piece.

“I have never drafted any contract with anybody,” said Look Loy, with regards to Fenwick’s contract, which was signed by Wallace paying US$20,000 instead of the US$17,500 agreed to by the TTFA board.

Look Loy said, “I made a submission to the board and the board made a decision that they would appoint Fenwick under certain conditions. That was the end of my involvement with this.”

Look Loy denied Nicholson’s claim that he plans to “run for the presidency of the (TTFA) when the FIFA normalisation committee organises fresh elections.”

According to the T&T Super League boss, “That is ludicrous. How long have I made it clear I have no intention of doing that? I made it clear that I plan to retire at the end of my tenure as (Super League) president in June next year.”

Look Loy insisted that he was never approached by Nicholson for a story, or even a comment.

“I don’t have an idea who this guy is or what he looks like,” said Look Loy. “He could be from Timbuktu. I have never spoken to him. He’s just writing whatever he please. It’s just half-truths, lies and fabrications.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday