Mon, Aug

Normalisation Committee seeks legal advice on TTFA contracts.

Nigel Romano, one of three members of the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee has said his committee is seeking legal advice to treat with the contracts signed by former president William Wallace, the head of the United T&T Football Association, which was done without the approval from the Board of Directors of the T&TFA.

In a news release on Wednesday, Wallace admitted to making mistakes in signing a US$20,000 contracts for senior national football coach Terry Fenwick: a US$25 million kit deal with UK sportswear supplier Avec Sports: a two-year contract with general secretary Ramesh Ramdhan when the Board agreed to a one-year deal: and another US$20, 000 deal for marketing representative Peter Miller whom he credits for the bulk of the finances generated by his association during their short stint.

His actions was met with condemnation from his own United TTFA group which comprised Keith Look Loy, a former TTFA Technical Committee chairman, North Zone Football Association (NFA) president Anthony Harford and former TTFA vice presidents Clynt Taylor, Susan Joseph-Warrick and Joseph Sam Phillip.

However, on Monday, Romano responding to the latest TTFA developments said, "We will take legal advice on that and then act on that advice."

On June 2, Romano told Guardian Media Sports that the committee had been engaged in talks with Avec Sports to gain value for money. He also promised that talks would have taken place with other sponsors.

Meanwhile, the staff and coaches of the football association have not been paid for four months and it is uncertain when they will get salaries. Romano said, "The committee is making progress concerning this matter, but it is being done slowly but surely."

He said, the Normalisation is faced with obstacles in its way: "If the TTFA put all these obstacles in our path, it takes time to get around all the obstacles, while making sure that the money gets to the staff and not to creditors," he explained.

The former banker who was appointed alongside his chairman Robert Hadad, a director at the HADCO Group of Companies and Attorney Judy Daniel on the normalisation committee, said they have been working with a contingency plan to pay the staff but was not willing to say what it is.

The TTFA staff have been kept abreast with the setbacks being faced by the Normalsiation Committee.

Romano said that funds from the FIFA must not be put at risk.

The normalisation committee which was appointed on March 27, has been in a legal battle with the TTFA for the right to claim the association's bank accounts and letterhead.