Wed, Oct

David John-Williams stands up.

Meanwhile David John-Williams, the TTFA president before William Wallace – and who the United TTFA blame for all the problems of their world, endlessly – has hit back at media concerning a TV documentary, that was circulated to members of FIFA by Wallace and his cohorts, alleging John Williams had colluded with FIFA to embezzle money into a Panama bank account.

John Williams has since proved significant elements of that documentary to be factually incorrect and FIFA’s Normalisation Committee chiefs have similarly confirmed there is no evidence of funds being misappropriated and that all money has been accounted for.

This didn’t stop Look Loy and Wallace circulating the documentary to FIFA members as

“I have caused pre-action protocol letters to be sent to various persons in relation to the vile and false allegations against me in various publications and via various media platforms, By means of such letters, I have triggered the legal process against all of these persons. I respect the legal process and now await my day in court,” said John Williams.

Initial pre-protocol letters were sent, among others, to Guardian Media and documentary producer and front man Mark Bassant. John Williams said other letters will follow.