Brent Sancho - Action T&T Pro League Chairman

T&T's football is set to benefit tremendously from the appointment of Brent Sancho, the T&T Pro League acting chairman, to the FIFA Players Status Committee.

Sancho who has six more months to complete a Diploma in Sports Management with the FIFA was recently appointed to the FIFA Players Status Committee for four years, with a responsibility to be among a team that will monitor compliance with the regulation and status of the transfer of players in the various Leagues and FIFA competitions.

He starts officially on October 1, but presently he is going through information relating to procedures, getting familiar with the language and how things are to work etc.

Yesterday Sancho said he intends to approach local and regional football authorities to provide assistance from the knowledge he gained, but it will all be up to them if they want to learn. " I've now been asked to be a servant for T&T and by extension the Caribbean, so it's important that I take whatever information and bring it back for the powers that be so it can be utilised.

It gives a lot of best practices across the world in different situations and different scenarios, hence why there will be some benefits for us locally because there are different modules in place, where you can take some of it and put it back into use in T&T football.

It is an exciting time, I spoke to the chairman from Argentina today and they're all looking forward to coming together and coming up with new solutions. I think we would all agree that football is always evolving, so you have to stay up with the times and make sure that this particular department stays up to what is current in football so that we can be of assistance towards the growth of the sport.

You can have all the know-how and all the knowledge in life but if you don't want to implement it and you don't want to put things into practice it's not going to work, so as much as I am happy to get the experience, if the powers that be don't want to take whatever is given from what I've gained, then it all comes to nought, but I hope that will not be the case."

Sancho already appears to be a well sought-after official as he told Guardian Media Sports about approaches he received from regional and international interests for assistance to either acquire a football club in Europe or help in regional management of the game.