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Justin Reid (left) meets Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to the United States, retired Brigadier General Anthony Phillips-Spencer, to discuss inviting several soccer school teams from Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the International Friendlies Cup in 2019-2020.

THE Unified Football Coaches of T&T (UFCTT) has joined forces with the North American Caribbean Training Method (NACTM) to allow local football coaches and players to develop their skills.

Members of both the UFCTT and the NACTM gave details of the partnership on Zoom, on Wednesday.

The interim president of the UFCTT Jefferson George said, “We are really excited that the Unified Football Coaches of T&T can welcome onboard a new partner to bring tremendous value and experience to coaches of T&T and all those who will be members.”

Local coaches and junior players will be avoided the opportunity to travel to the US to participate in training camps. Coaches must be members of the UFCTT to be involved in NACTM programmes.

Johann Contaste of the NACTM said, “My main focus for the partnership is coaching education and what we have done is we have launched a grassroots coaching license.”

Contaste said several T&T coaches have already been taking advantage of these courses.

“What that is going to enable is that those grassroots coaches will now get opportunities through the North American Caribbean Training Method through our summer camps.”

Contaste said 25 local coaches are in the process of earning their grassroots license.

Justin Reid, also of NACTM, said former T&T footballer Abiola Clarence was involved in two of the recently held camps.

“Abiola came up this summer and he did both the Washington DC camp and Baltimore camp with me. He was just a great asset, the kids loved him…we want to provide that opportunity for a lot more coaches in T&T to come up.”

Reid said local coaches who visit the US will be provided ground transportation and will be paid approximately $500 - $600 US per week.

Reid said it would be ideal for T&T coaches to stay with family members who are close to training camps. Some of the courses available for coaches in the programme are the Rising Stars programme and the Next Generation programme.

Reid said players who feature in the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) can take short trips to the US which will be an opportunity for them to get recognised.

“Once things kind of open up in T&T and open up here in the US we could get some kids who play in the SSFL, who are doing extremely well, to come on over for a week or weekend and get identified.”

Reid said former Presentation College, San Fernando player Jaiye Sheppard was accepted into a university through NACTM connections.

One course is also geared towards improving the goal-scoring ability of strikers. People can visit for more information. 

SOURCE: T&T Newsday