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Chairman of the Normalisation Committee, Robert Hadad

FIFA appointed him. However, the guns might be trained on Robert Hadad when well over 60 delegates of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) meet at today’s virtual extraordinary general meeting, which begins at 10 a.m.

One of those stakeholders, Selby Browne of the Veterans Football Association of Trinidad and Tobago (VFFOTT), thinks local businessman Hadad has some explaining to do.

“The public pronouncement of Robert Hadad on the TTFA being insolvent can only be considered grounds for his immediate removal as chairman of the TTFA normalisation committee,” Browne has stated.

“The chairman of the normalisation committee had a responsibility to make his statements at his first AGM of the TTFA held on September 26, 2021, and he unfortunately failed to do so,” Browne said.

While admitting Hadad might have done some work, such as running the TTFA’s daily affairs, the VFFOTT president thinks the businessman has failed in at least two major areas of his mandate—to formulate a procedure for liquidation of the TTFA’s near-$100 million debt, and also reforming the TTFA constitution to meet FIFA statutes. Browne also accused Hadad of communicating with no one—TTFA board members, delegates, clubs, creditors, national footballers or coaches.

“The TTFA belongs to its membership and is not the personal asset of any individual,” Browne declared. “Finally on Sunday, it’s all up to the delegates, the membership who are owners of the TTFA, to take the decision on the TTFA and no one else.”

Two weeks ago, at the first AGM since the Hadad-led normalisation committee was installed, TTFA members refused to approve the 2019 financials presented by the NC. Of concern to the membership was the de-listing of the $42 million Home of Football as one of the TTFA’s assets, because the NC citied the lack of an official Government deed for the State-donated land on which the Couva HoF is located.

Browne said that from private discussions among delegates, some feel the normalisation committee is intent on dissolving the TTFA, as it now stands.

“They have decided this is a lost cause and it’s insolvent,” said Browne, himself a businessman.

Browne further stated that before acceding to the approval of the TTFA’s 2019 financial statements, VFFOTT will like certain assurances.

“Is the normalisation committee prepared to make a declaration to delegates of the EGM, which states: “The normalisation committee shall not take any action to declare the TTFA insolvent upon approval of the audited financial.”

Like James Thomas, whom the normalisation committee allowed to leave his TTFA role in the last few days, Browne, at least, wouldn’t mind seeing Hadad ride off into the sunset as well.

However, he also suggested in ending: “Maybe the NC will bear great tidings from the finances of FIFA or the GovTT to be the recommendations for treating with the debt.”

SOURCE: T&T Express