Mon, May

THE recent public attacks on FIFA Vice-President and Special Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, Jack Warner, were both unprecedented and unwarranted.

In fact, it reeks of latent discrimination and I am appealing to the powers-that-be to cease and desist this attempt.

The questioning and subsequent objection to Warner’s ownership of Simpaul’s Travel Agency and its exclusive right to sell World Cup tickets in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the West Indies is not only a virulent attack on his person, but represents the tip of a wider conspiracy designed to keep certain people down.

This act on Warner’s part was not only a prudent business decision, but it demonstrates the ingenuity of a simple man trying to make it in a rough world, a world that is at times prejudiced against him.

This is one such occasion.

The entire negotiations were conducted above board and to insinuate ulterior motives is to impugn the character and integrity of a man who has already given much to this country.

Why should people question those motives?

Is it because he is a man of colour?

Those who draw their guns at Warner should investigate why banks and other financial institutions recommend particular legal firms (thereby keeping business within particular clique) when conducting negotiations for mortgages and other major financial transactions.

They should also investigate why TSTT was allowed to operate in a monopolistic environment for so long and why Spectacular Promotions were criticised for operating Carnival shows on the foreshore.

Now we have Marriot and MovieTowne in the same location and not a word from detractors.

It seems in this country, justice and fair play vary from race to race and from class to class.

What is good for one should be good for all and in this case, Warner, a simple Black man is trying to make it in legitimate business.

Why then should the issue of monopoly of the sale of World Cup tickets be controversial?

If it wasn’t for Jack Warner, this country would never have made it to the World Cup.

If he sees an opportunity to enhance his portfolio while providing a service, I believe that he should be given the chance to utilise this moment and make the best of it.

Fair is fair.

Why don’t these said people investigate all the other monopolies that exist within this country before they offer Warner up as a sacrificial lamb?