He was in one of his peaceful moods—He was calm and collected…Fifa Vice President Jack Warner was preaching unity, while he was addressing a press conference hosted by the T&T Pro League—where Mr. Warner confirmed Joe Public will be making a return to the Pro League and it was also revealed that the Super League would now fall under the management of the Pro League.

Mr. Warner’s message was clear, stating—‘let bygones be bygones’—and lets move on.

The TTFF’s Special Advisor informed his troops at the TTFF, specifically addressing the Football Federation’s President Mr. Oliver Camps, “Mr. Camps, as visionaries we must put all the nonsense and petty games of the past behind us and come together and make some serious headway in the future.”

He stressed, “We have to forget what has happened in the past, we have to look at the present and prepare for what lies ahead—and that is why I am so happy that the two Leagues have found a way to work together for the good of football in this country.”

On Wednesday 22 February at the Crowne Plaza Hotel—the T&T Pro League announced that its proposal to take over the management of the Super League was approved and accepted by Mr. Warner and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation.

Looking further ahead, Mr. Warner sent a serious message, saying, “2006 is behind us, while we are excited and talking about 2006, in exactly 18 months from now the qualification for the 2010 World Cup finals begins—the draw takes place in December next year—and we must start our preparing for the 2010 World Cup and beyond.”

“It took us 100 years for a World Cup to take place on the African Continent—after 100 years of Fifa’s existence, a World Cup will be staged on the African continent for the first time in South Africa in 2010, this will be a historic World Cup—many of us are linked in one way or the other to Africa, and if this country is not in South Africa in 2010 for the World Cup Finals it will be an indictment on all of us, because in our collective lifetime we will not see another World Cup on the African continent.