T&T Football Federation in collaboration with the Fifa Development Office will host a three-day football club management course from today until Friday at the Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s from 9 am.

The workshop is an element of the “Win in Concacaf with Concacaf” programme.

The workshop will target individuals involved in middle and upper management levels of football clubs and more than 40 participants from around the region are expected to attend the three day workshop.

The course will feature a number of presentations from Fifa officials attached to the Development Office including, Jurg Nepfer, Chris Collie, Hugo Salcedo and T&T’s Keith Look Loy.

The “Win in Concacaf with Concacaf” programme was approved by Fifa last year and the development programme will see US$10 million invested into targeted North and Central American football programmes over a two-year period.

The initiative focuses on league and club administration; youth development programmes and competitions; referee development and coach education. The programme is headed by Look Loy.