Oliver Camps - Same old story.The 2010 Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) Elections will be held today at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, from 5 pm according to the incumbent president, Oliver Camps.

Camps speaking on Isports Saturday on i95.5fm confirmed today’s elections, with the annual general meeting and the voting for posts. Camps said all positions are up for contention.

Camps also confirmed he was seeking re-election. “I love the sport and I believe that I can still contribute in many ways given my knowledge and experience...but this all is dependent if I am nominated on the day so if they nominate me, I will contest for president,” he revealed.

On the fact that he may face a challenge for the first time, Camps was cautious. “I expect to be challenged...but let us wait and see what happens on the day, because a lot can happen between now and then.”

Camps said all financial members were notified and invited to the meeting but he could not say if special advisor Jack Warner would be present.

“I am not certain if he will be there. I do not know...but he does not vote,” noted Camps. Camps was also very sceptical of the presence of the media.

“We do not normally invite the media, so I am not certain if any notice was given to the media. I do not have the agenda.”