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FIFA executive committee member Jack Warner has hit back at the allegations of corruption from former Football Association chairman Lord Triesman.

Warner, one of four men at the centre of the allegations, reportedly requested £2.5 million to build an education centre in Trinidad - with the cash to be channelled through him - before later asking for £500,000 to buy Haiti's World Cup TV rights for the earthquake-hit nation, again with the money to go through him.

But he strongly denied the claims, telling Sky Sports News: ''I have no intention of dignifying this piece of nonsense ... no doubt he [Triesman] feels he can revive his dying political career by a piece of foolishness.

''In the English World Cup campaign, before he [Triesman] was unceremoniously kicked out, I've spoken to him on his initiative on only three occasions, while I have spoken to his other colleagues on other occasions and not one of his colleagues will ever corroborate his bit of trivia.

''I have been in FIFA for 29 years and this will astound many, I'm sure, including people like David Dein and Geoff Thompson.''

Thompson headed England's 2018 bid and Dein was its international president.

Warner added: ''This is the last I intend to say on this matter.''

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said of the allegations: "I cannot say that they [the four executive committee members] are all angels or all devils. I am fighting for FIFA to clean FIFA, if this is true then I will fight this.

"I can only speak for myself and not my committee members because they are elected by the continents. All I can say is that this should go to the Fifa ethic committee.''