Thu, Aug


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation is inviting all local referees to complete its registration with the local governing body (TTFF) in a move that will permit them to officiate in matches under the auspices of the TTFF.

These matches include those in the T&T Pro League, the Secondary Schools Football League, the Regional Associations, the Republic Bank Cup, etc and/or conduct any Refereeing function This has come about following a special mandate sent by FIFA recently.

FIFA has developed “Regulations on the Organization of Refereeing in FIFA Member Associations”. The FIFA Regulation states: “Refereeing organization, regulations and development must come under the exclusive control of the Member Association (in our case TTFF) and under no circumstances may it fall under the supervision or control of other bodies.”

This mandate was effected under the TTFF Special Congress held on Sunday March 27th, 2011 and by my Circular of April 5, 2011 to all Regional Associations advising of the required changes to the TTFF Constitution approved at the Special Congress.

These Regulations require the TTFF inter alia to:

a. Establish a Referees Committee that is an integral part of the TTFF’s structure, and Establishing a Refereeing Department within the administration of the TTFF which will assist the Referees committee in the discharge of its duties. In addition, persons are required to register with the TTFF as a Referee.

b. All individuals must complete the registration form (which can be obtained through the TTFF office or any Regional Football Association office) together with a recent photograph and a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) and this should be lodged at any Regional Association Office.

Persons requiring further information can contact TTFF Referees Committee chairman Krishendath Kuarsingh at 657-7526 or 680-9568.