Suspended FIFA vice-president Jack Warner yesterday failed to deliver on his promise of Blatter bombshells—the e-mail exchange between himself and FIFA president Sepp Blatter—which he said would clear him of the allegations of facilitating a cash-for-votes bribery scandal.

Warner said his local and international attorneys had advised him not to publicise the e-mails. On Friday, Warner promised to reveal a series of e-mails between himself and Blatter before hundreds of supporters at an Indian Arrival Day celebration at Jubilee Ground, Felicity, Chaguanas, yesterday.

The e-mails, Warner said, would have definitely cleared him of allegations of wrong-doing, levelled against him in the latest FIFA scandal. But in a last minute twist yesterday, Warner declared that his attorneys, both local and abroad, had advised him not to speak, saying that it would not be in his best interest to reveal the e-mails.

He assured supporters, however, that if it came to a choice between FIFA and the country, FIFA would lose. “People are concerned about what is going on in FIFA, but let me remind you that I have been vindicated by FIFA over the allegations made against me,” Warner said.

“In fact, it was the English government in an independent study who cleared all of it. When all the evidence is examined by FIFA, I am confident that I will also be cleared and vindicated in the current matter. “It is just a matter of time and patience to let the process work.

“I had planned to speak to you today about this matter but the best legal advice that I received, both at home and abroad, suggested that I do not do so at this point in time, and that advice I am going to respect.” He said, however, that his lawyers never told him that he could not give a little history and background of the allegation.

“Let me tell you that it is so foolish that it is not funny,” Warner said. “Nobody has accused me or can accuse me of taking any money. I eh thief nothing! I eh give nobody nothing! And therefore in the first place, I eh see what all the hullabaloo is about.

“My friend came here to talk to some people, he spoke with them and then he left. The rest is now history. Let the facts and the story come out. “I am not prepared to go into any discussion with anyone, at this point in time, based on the advice I got. You rest assured that your MP will be cleared."

He said the PNM wanted “his head” because he was a committed member of the UNC. Warner said: “The PNM want my head. They hate my guts. You know why they hate me so much? Because I love you so much. If I was not in UNC, I never would face this.

My biggest sin in the PNM is that I am member of UNC. I told you today and the PNM that I, Jack Warner, shall be with you always, until the end of my time. There is no cause to worry, rant or rave. I going nowhere.” The MP added: “Yesterday, I saw 265.