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He missed five preliminary matches. He is one of most said football player of AS Trencin and for him does not exist saying "out of sight, out of mind". Winger Lester Peltier is still most often inflected name of Adrian Gula’s team.

"I had knee problems. It was nothing serious, but together with management and the owner of the club, we decided for minor surgery. After thirty minutes was all done," said the representative of Trinidad and Tobago.

The main reason to minor surgery of Peltier was to prevent deterioration of knee condition. "I'm already in order and ready for ninety percent. I will start the season healthy and that is most important," said Peltier in between two Monday trainings. First round completed with the team in the gym and second round at our stadium.

"Although my pause did not last long, I was very excited to return. I'm glad everything turned out well. Football is my life and it was hard for me just watch guys from bench for few days," said with a big smile best shooter of the first half season in jersey of AS Trencin.

Three days after surgery he already train at the gym under the supervision of the Dutch expert Dick van Toorn. "He is one of the best physical therapists in Europe. He told me not to wait and start with my training. I thought he was crazy, but training helped me a lot."

Peltier’s interest means a good job on the pitch

After Peltier’s performances in the autumn Slovak pitches there is high interest from several places. Highest interest come’s from Slovan Bratislava but clubs from both sides of Europe are in game too.

"I keep interest for me in free running. I am ready to fight for a place in basic composition of AS Trencin," said Peltier and add: "All informations and interest of me are still only speculations. Interest of me is pleasand. This mean’s that I  do my job well."