Sun, Oct


National team defender Seon Power made his debut in the Thailand Premier League earlier this month for Chainat FC.

The former Joe Public player joined T&T forward Kendall Jagdeosingh at the club last December before agreeing to a contract. Two games have been played since the season kicked off on March 2nd and Power made his debut in the opener.

Chainat is a small province and their home stadiums holds just over 5,000 seating but is filled to capacity for every match. Power and Jagdeosingh are among the Chainat players that are heavily popularized, with their images appearing on billboards throughout Chainat.

“It’s amazing here how much they follow the club and we get 5,000 fans every game but when we travel there are other venues that hold 25,000 and up like in Bangkok and Buriram. And they have a special preference for the foreign players. There are also players from Brazil, Ivory Coast, France and Nigeria here,” Power said.

“It’s been a nice, settling period for me but I’m still getting accustomed to the food. I have to go into Bangkok often to get anything close to what I’m accustomed to. But the focus is football and I’m enjoying it and definitely hoping to stay fit and return home to join the national team soon,” he added.