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After spending almost 3 seasons with the MLS team Philadelphia Union, midfielder Keon Daniel has turned his career, believe or not, downside UP.

Just after having been recognized by the Union for the last two seasons when he was a regular part of the starting 11, the player received the unfortunate news by his coach Hackworth that he would not play due to the big signings the coach had arranged for the team. The coach's decision to hire numerous midfielders for exorbitant salaries had tremendously affected Keon's relation with the Union.

If we take a look today at the MLS Eastern Conference standings, the Union holds the 9th position among the 10 teams, only 2 wins so far. So, unfortunately, the coach's plan is not working as he'd expected. And to add insult to injury, he just let one of his best players go.

After learning of the decision by the Union to hire so many midfielders, Keon agreed with his agent Cleiton Bernardes to look for better opportunities. So, player, agent and technical staff had come to a decision for Keon to find another team. During the negotiations for the change, the Union's technical staff dropped several offers arranged by Soccer Sport Network as they were claiming they were not satisfying enough for the club's interest. So, the Union offered to let Keon go but only to Arizona SC from the USL. That was the deal. During the whole process the Union did not waive the player, and consequently other MLS teams could not indicate their interest to hire the player.

After signing with Arizona SC, Keon learned that he could not play for the team because of pending visa issues. Arizona then let Keon go after just one week.

After these unfortunate series of events for the athlete, he finally received an excellent opportunity. Cleiton from Soccer Sport Network arranged a chance for him to play in Europe.

"I'm very grateful for the Union for everything they've done for me but, unfortunately, it did not work out the way I expected. I was very disappointed and did not expect the technical staff not to support me after my progress and everything I've built while with them. On the other hand, Legnica has already showed me a lot of interest and has fulfilled my expectations as a hard-working player. A lot of thanks to my agent Cleiton Bernardes who believed me and supported me when everyone turned against me. Cleiton, you're the one who put me back on track and never gave up on me, I can never thank you enough".