Thu, May

Dwight Yorke at Aston Villa

When it comes to sheer audacity, who will ever forget Dwight Yorke's chipped penalty against Arsenal in 1998?

Yorke was at his extraordinary best as he dinked the ball into the net in a 1-0 win at Villa Park.

The Calypso Kid first impudently succeeded with this spot-kick style in an FA Cup tie at Sheffield United.

But it was the reaction of David Seaman - diving to his left before realising the error of his ways and accepting the inevitable - that really made the Gunners goal special.

And the fact, of course, that it was scored on home soil.

Yorke smiles as he recalls that glorious moment in his colossal claret and blue career.

And he gives huge credit to the fans for giving him the freedom to attempt such a crazy feat.

He said: "That was a special moment. I was high on confidence.

"The fans believed in me. I felt I was unstoppable. Those were the kind of things I used to do.

"Not many players could get away with that at Villa Park.

"I just felt 'even if I miss this, they know I'm trying to entertain them.'

"That's part of a player's makeup. You want to win football matches, of course. But the fans are paying their hard-earned money to come and be entertained. It should be like going to the theatre!

"Some people might not remember it, but I loved to entertain the fans before the game too.

"I loved to run out late. It wasn't deliberate. But I was always the last man for the warm-up.

"I used to juggle the ball across the pitch. I was entertaining the fans and showing them I was well up for it. I was geeing the fans up.

"I'd have the fans singing my name. I got a buzz from that and I'd like to think that they got a buzz from it too.

"The fans were amazing with me at Villa. They believed in me. I had confidence in myself but they gave me even greater confidence.

"They helped me play with authority every time I went out. To have the crowd believing that I was going to do the business for them and score gave me great belief.

"We had a sensational bond. That was a feeling between us that no other player could appreciate.

"The fans were always up for it.

"They got us through games. They won us some matches, definitely.

"When our backs were against the wall, they would scream us through.

"Playing in front of them and scoring in front of them was the best feeling. Ask any player! That's what they all want to do."

Let's hope someone experiences the Villa Park roar this weekend for our latest instalment with the Gunners.

CLICK HERE to watch Dwight Yorke’s chipped penalty against Arsenal.