Thu, May

Kendall Jagdeosingh in action for Phuket FC

The island’s pro football outfit, Phuket FC are resting anxiously in September as Thailand’s pro leagues break for the 17th Asian Games taking place in Incheon, South Korea. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to new players, starting with an interview we had with recent signing, a talented national squad player for Trinidad & Tobago.

Please introduce yourself.
I am Kendall Jagdeosingh. I was born and grew up in Manzanilla, Trinidad. I was born on May 30, and turned 28 this year.

Can you tell us about your background in sports, football?
Sure. I came from a sporting family, grew up playing a lot of basketball and football, but as I got older, started playing football more, and started playing professionally at the age of 16.

What accomplishments are you proud of most?
I’d say, playing for the national teams for my country by age 19, playing along side with the likes of Dwight Yorke (legendary Man U striker), Stern John and Kenwyne Jones (forward for EPL’s Cardiff City), and have played with the senior team as well as the U-23, U-21 and U-20. My debut for the senior team was in a match against Japan in June, 2006.

How did you end up in Thailand?
Well, after playing soccer professionally in America for four years, the opportunity came along for me to play for TPL’s Chainat FC and I took it. I played there for two years in the TPL, then played for Trat FC for the first half of this season, until my contract ended, when I got a call from the manager of Phuket expressing their delight for me to join Phuket FC. The club has big ambitions and I was happy with how they approached me, so I decided to join.

What’s your impression of the Thai League so far?
As for the football itself, my impression is positive, but one major drawback is dealing with unfair officiating. I think this is the main problem in Thai football and it will not benefit the league in terms of growing. I love the culture of Thailand. I’ve made some great friends and met some good people. I love the food. The weather is similar to my country, as are the beaches. The style of football here is very technical – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, it depends on the team, but overall it’s good. The fans are amazing and I think without their presence, football would not have grown as much as it has in the past few years that I’ve been here.

How does it compare to your home country?
The football culture is a little different because in my country, they don’t put much money into the sport, so the fans don’t show up and aren’t as passionate as they are in Thailand. It’s also at a higher level here, particularly regarding the facilities, which are excellent compared to back home. But the football skills are more or less the same, though I think the players in my country are a little more athletic and rough.

What football players do you look up to?
I have a few. I like Didier Drogba the most, followed by Zidan, Ronaldhino and Juan Roman Riquelme.

What is your secret weapon (what brand of boots do you wear?
Mercurial Vapor is what I’ve worn ever since I started playing pro football.