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Benny’s safe ...But fears losing contract opportunity.

Young St Ann’s Rangers midfielder Che Benny is safe at Swedish First Division club AIK (Allmanna Idrottsklubben), but there are now fears the talented 16-year old may lose out on the opportunity to secure a contract there.

Yesterday Benny’s childhood coach (from u-14 to present) Evrett Williams sought to allay fears that the talented central midfielder was lost in transition to the Swedish club, by saying “I talk to Che almost every night and things are going well for him at the club.” Concerns arose due to the manner in which the trial was arranged Williams explained, noting that it was not done via club-to-club transaction but rather through an agent who acted on the advice of Benny’s handlers, that included his mother Nikeisha and uncles.

The left-footed Benny has been with the club for the past 10 days and is expected to play in a match today. He is scheduled to return home on July 21 or 22.

“This is a serious concern for me because as far as I am concerned, it should all be about Che Benny. He is a tremendous talent who emerged from the ghetto of Belmont and is attempting to make something of himself and for his family,” Rocket explained. Rangers owner Richard Fakoory said he is unaware of the player’s whereabouts, although Benny told him that he wanted to go on trial in Sweden.

Rocket, in giving his account of how it transpired, said his handlers reached out to agent Dane Mapp, who operates out of T&T, to arrange a trial for the player. “Being a youth player, Benny is not contracted with Rangers which enabled his handlers to sign with Mapp to source the trial. This means that the Swedish club dealt directly with Mapp and not Rangers, which I can admit was not above board.”

Benny who recently returned more than a week ago from a trip to Manchester United after topping the FLOW Ultimate Football Experience, received a sponsored mileage ticket from an unknown attorney which enabled him to travel to the Swedish club. Accounts of his whereabouts were always known, Rocket said, as he not only received regular updates via video footage from him almost daily, but also kept in contact with the player throughout the entire journey.

Guardian Media Sports also tried to reach Benny’s mother Nikeisha, but calls to her phone went unanswered.