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Haven't been hearing much about young and Talented footballer Kevin Molino over the last few months? well POSITIVE (is what) MATTERS tracked down the Soca  Warriors talisman in USA where he has been holed up recuperating from injury sustained earlier this year. The 28 year old Carenage native who also plays for Minnesota United FC in the American MLS boasted of an "unbelievable" tough mental capacity which has already seen him through most of this phase of his journey. Molino is determined in the very near future to get back on the field of play and once again please his many fans both home and abroad and hear them roar his name when he rockets the ball into the back of the net.

"Yeah, I have things I want to accomplish so I have to get back on that field," stressed Molino on Tuesday in a candid interview with Positive (is what) Matters.

"That is my main source of income so I must get back on the field."  The father of one said he hopes to be playing football by February 2019 but however made it clear that he will not be rushing the recovery process as he wants to be sure he is fully healed before getting back into action.  Back in March, Molino suffered a torn ACL while playing against his former employers, Orlando City FC.

It is almost four months since he last played ball.

When asked how was his recovery going, an upbeat Molino responded: “I good, I good, just trying to do the best I can do to get better. Actually, I am close to four months, a week and something away from four months which is good period of time for recovery. I have been doing good, I haven't been getting soreness, no pain and stuff so is really, really a good sign and I thank God for that."

Molino believes if he was not strong mentally he might not have been able to face his circumstance.  "I am doing good mentally. I am in the right place even as much as I want to be out there. My mental side of it (recovery) is good and  I think it is the most important thing," he went on to tell Positive (is what) Matters. "I have been blessed with an unbelievable mentality and that is the good thing as someone like me could deal with three, four, five ACLs while others can’t deal with a meniscus (A common injury in which forceful twisting causes certain tissue in the knee to tear)."  It is this remarkable part of his being which has kept him buoyed during his injury. He said it was this strength of character that also helped him when a few years ago he left the safety and security of his grandma Dolores' home in Trinidad where she did everything for him and moved to America where he had to now do for himself just to follow his dream. He admitted back then it was total culture shock but he persevered with no regrets. It is what Molino wanted. He added: "I have to do what I have to do."

Football has been good to Molino and that's why he will not let the injury stress him or get the better of him. "All it has done to me is make me mentally stronger. In football, 95% is mental so I am good," he added.

He admitted that having to come to terms with the injury was for him the toughest part. Molino further told Positive [is what] Matters that he refused to dwell on his fate by questioning among other things why did it have to happen to him. He said: "It was not like that. I had to deal with it like a man because at the end of the day I am a man and I have to provide for my family." According to Molino, had he kept on "studying" his misfortune it would have "stressed me out mentally" and that is something that he doesn't ever want happen to him as taking care of his family is top priority.

"Man, I have a son I have to look after. He turns five in August. I have to see about my family, my grandmother" he said, his voice cracking with emotion. "If on the field is not a success, off the field must be. He said he continues to work on his individual growth which for him is of utmost importance. 

Molino quipped: "You could be the best footballer in the world but if you don't work on your individual growth and grow as a person, you know that's a no-no."

So far Molino's daily routine includes therapy, fitness which includes jogging and gym. He said: "So is basically three sessions within two hours, sometimes two sessions. I am getting better by the grace of God. I will be back on the field by December, January but playing wise by February, that's what I am aiming at. I am taking my time." Next year February will make it 11 months away from football.

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