Molino saddened by death of George Floyd.

T&T and Minnesota United midfielder Kevin Molino joined thousands who are mourning the killing of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday.

Floyd, 46, died after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a police officer’s knee, in an incident that was recorded on video and led to protests in Minneapolis.

In an article on, Molino said, "There have been some very, very sad and disheartening things happening and I was shocked and angry to see on my social media pages what occurred to the gentleman in Minneapolis this week."

Molino said it was "tough" to see what has been happening "in a place that became my home for the past three years."

Molino said he is proud to be of African descent and he will continue pursuing his dreams.

"I stand strong as a black athlete from the Caribbean and everyday we strive to overcome hurdles and face our challenges. When we fight, whether on the field or in our private spaces we do it in order to bring our best game that represents millions of people. We do it to bring some sort of stress relief or joy to them. We go out there to fight for better and fulfill our dreams."

Molino said playing for T&T and Minnesota United for several years is like being part of a family, something Floyd also had.

"George Floyd was the same. He had a family and he represented people. The way he went out could never be right. It’s scary to be honest."

Molino said it can be difficult to breathe while wearing a mask during the covid19 pandemic, but people can take it off for comfort. The T&T footballer said Floyd did not have that luxury. "Wearing a face mask is enough of a struggle and we have to do it to stay alive in this situation we are in today. But we have the option to take the mask off whenever we want. George didn’t have that option. Imagine what it was like for him not having the chance to breathe properly."

Molino urged people to stay strong during these times. "It’s important for us to stand up and stand together to make a better place for ourselves and for our children. I hope we all come out of a difficult situation in a positive frame of mind."