Sun, Jul


Newly minted FC Sheriff defender Julien Keston gave his first interview to the press office of the club. The player from the exotic republic of Trinidad and Tobago told about himself, about his playing in the Slovak Championship and about his experience of playing in the Europa League.

- Julien, why did you decide to move to FC Sheriff?
- My last club in Slovakia offered me to sign a new contract, but I decided that I must take the next step in my career. I'm 21 and it's time to move towards a better future. Then FC Sheriff made a good offer and I accepted it. This is a great team - the permanent champion of Moldova, good players, good coaches.
- How did it happen that you chose the position of a defender in football?
- I've always been a defender, even in my early years, even before I became a professional. I also played as left winger. With high speed, it was possible to play in this position. But when I reached the professional level, the coaches put me in the position of left back, in this position I am the most powerful.
- If not football, in what profession could you see yourself?
- I think, if it was not football, I would be in the military sphere, for example, in the armed forces of my country.
- Three years of playing for the Slovak Trencin - tell us about this period in your career.
- I spent 3 years in Slovakia and it was a good experience that gave me my first chance to perform in Europe. I was 18 then. Time flies quickly, I managed to play in the Europa League qualifiers and make it to the playoffs. I got a lot there. They made me the player I am now, and I have achieved all of this with my hard work and diligence. It was a good time, but it's time to move forward.
- Last season you and your team reached the 4th round of the Europa League. How do you assess this success for yourself?
- In 2018 we reached the 4th round in the Europa League, it was a great experience. We played against football clubs Podgorica, Gornik Zabrze, Feyenoord and AEK Larnaca. It was a good football trip. Like any player from a small country - Trinidad and Tobago - my dream is to go through to the group stage of the Europa League or Champions League.
- Was it hard after the match with FC AEK Larnaca? When you lost away and a place in the Europa League playoffs ...
- Yes, the match in Larnaca was really tough. In Slovakia, we drew 1: 1, then we had to go to Larnaca for the second leg. It was difficult there - there are good players in the AEK team, they managed to score at the very beginning of the game, which made our task even more difficult. We fought to the end, but, unfortunately, we did not manage to turn the game around. I was very upset and could not even hold back my tears, because, as I said, my dream was to play in the group stage of the Europa League.
- How do you see yourself in the new team, in particular, in terms of participation in the championship and Champions League games?
- I see myself as a part of the team, there are good players here. When I came here, I met the players and coaches - all are 100% professionals. I see myself in the starting lineup, I have to fight for a place in the starting lineup. And, of course, I strive to help the team to go through to the Champions League group stage.