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IDEA Public Schools is excited to announce that Johann Contasté has been selected as the newest IDEA Toros Soccer Program

IDEA Public Schools is excited to announce that Johann Contasté has been selected as the newest IDEA Toros Soccer Program Director and will serve as the RGV FC Youth Academy MLS Next Program Director.

In this role, Contasté will be responsible for developing and implementing instruction, coaching and training programs for student-athletes to ensure each IDEA student has the opportunity to participate in high quality elite athletic experience. He will also oversee the RGV FC Youth Academy MLS Next Program, a platform that provides players access to the highest levels of training, competition, and the most exposure to college, pro, and national team scouts.  

“I’m honored and beyond thrilled to join IDEA Toros and the RGVFC Youth Academy MLS Next Program and take on this new role,” says Contasté. “IDEA Toros has an amazing culture of success that exists and I am looking forward to not just becoming a part in that, but in also enhancing it. I’m also excited to build strong relationships within my players, students and staff for many years to come.”   

Contasté comes from a robust of expertise in the athletic world. He’s spent many years in Trinidad and Tobago both as a player and as a coach. During his professional coaching experience, he managed leagues and was a part of the sport development such as managing program curriculum, performance analysis, game and training analysis, team recruiting, team mentoring, and more. Most recently, he was the head coach at Pacific North West Soccer Club in Tukwila and before that he served as a Technical Committee member, Head Scout and Regional Coordinator for the TIPP Program (Talent Identification Player Pool) for the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association (TTFA).   

“Our region is rich with a passion for soccer and us all along with the RGV FC Youth Academy are here to support growth and development within the Beautiful Game,” says Guadalupe “Lupe” Zuniga, RGV FC Youth Academy Board President. “Our boys and girls programs, including the MLS Next Program, require a high level of focus and commitment by its players.  It also goes without saying that there is a great sense of gratitude for the trainers and coaches that are at the forefront of developing strong work ethics and sportsmanship.”   

“Coach Contasté is a proof point of the power of the beautiful game in opening doors for those who are willing to commit to excellence,” said Viviane Castillo-Manzano, Principal of IDEA Toros College Preparatory. “I am thrilled to have him join our team and lead the MLS Next Program to success!”  

SOURCE: Lower RGV News