Sun, Aug

Atiba Charles is being frozen out at Mourneview Park - not by Glenavon but by the weather!

The towering Trinidad & Tobago international defender is suffering in the ice cold conditions.

Lurgan boss Colin Malone admits: "We're not seeing the best of the big lad. He's keen enough but cannot get used to the cold weather.

"Even when he's sitting at home he has a quilt wrapped around him.

"He's finding it a whole new ball game and it's hard not to feel for him.

"Last week he was back in the Caribbean with his family to attend to some business and he has returned to yet more arctic conditions.

"It's very difficult for him but he's the sort who will persevere and hopefully the icy spell will relent soon."

Atiba arrived in the Irish League straight from the World Cup finals in Germany.

He was bursting with enthusiasm and with high hopes of winning a transfer to full-time football in England or Scotland.

But with the transfer window about to close in 10 days time it doesn't look as if he'll make it.

Malone says: "That was the idea. We agreed that if an opportunity arose we would not stand in his way.

"As things stand he'll remain with us until the end of the season and we'll take things from there.

"I've no doubt that as the temperatures begin to rise we'll begin to see the real Atiba.

"It has been something of a culture shock because it cannot be easy for any player used to playing in sunnier and warmer climes.

"To be suddenly battling against biting winds and freezing temperatures takes him into a whole new world.

"But Atiba is fully committed and will continue to battle on regardless. "