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Soca Warriors Online meets up with Brent Sancho.

SW Online: Brent, how are you adjusting to life at Dundee, the weather, the new midfield position you play at times with the club and the support you get from the fans and your team-mates.

Brent Sancho: Adjusting to life in Dundee has been easier than I thought it would be. The fact that I played in NY and Finland means that the weather wasn't a huge adjustment factor and I quite like the cold. I had the chance to meet the team in T&T prior to moving to Dundee, that was a huge plus. It made my introduction much easier. As for playing in the midfield, I was a bit surprised when the coach put me there. It has turned out pretty well though and I like the challenge that comes with it.

SW Online: Do you get excited when playing against your international teams mates over in Scotland, Marvin Andrews, Jason Scotland and Colin Samuel.

Brent Sancho: Oh yes. There is a lot of banter among the overseas boys. You don't want to lose because there is a lot of talk that comes with it.

SW Online: Which international player do you idolized the most in the world.

Brent Sancho: Without a doubt it is Edgar Davids. He is an excellent worker and a hard tackler. He is not just a wood cutter but a florist as well.

SW Online: Do you keep in contact with the other T&T players over in Scotland.

Brent Sancho: Yes, we have a very tight knit family here.

SW Online: You've played in the T&T pro-league for quite some time in the past and you are very familiar with the local players there, so if you where asked by the Dundee management to recommend some T&T players for a trial with your club, who would you choose and why.

Brent Sancho: T&T is a hub for football talent and there are a lot of names that jumps into mind. For me its not just about how well you can play on the field its about your talent off it as well. The two players that exemplify that total package are Travis Mulraine and Kelvin Jack.

SW Online: The last time Dundee visited T&T they lost to San Jan Jabloteh (3-0) in a friendly game, do you think if San Juan Jabloteh was to visit Scotland one day if they would still pull off a victory.

Brent Sancho: Well to be fair to Dundee the score line wasn't reflective of the actual game. The combination of the weather and the pace of the game may prove to much for Jabloteh.

SW Online: Have you ever visited the SOCAwarriors Online Website, if yes ! what's your thoughts.

Brent Sancho: I have been on it. I was on it more during my collegiate years and recently with the interview a couple years back. I think its an excellent site. Its very informative, very detail, and great stats. The “Forum Massive” is right on point with there comments and understanding football.

SW Online: You were once interested in forming a "Players Union" in T&T for a betterment of the T&T players, what ever happened to that project.

Brent Sancho: A union (FPATT) has been form and there is a board in place. It was just impossible for myself and the other board members to play our trade as footballers and be part of the board as well. There is a meeting soon to put a new board in place and get the union off the ground.

SW Online: Do you think T&T stands a realistic chance of qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Brent Sancho: I think our chances of reaching Germany are similar to baking a cake. Firstly we, have to eliminate all ingredients we put in all the other failed campaigns. We need a mix of fully committed players, the federation, the fans, good structure and a touch of luck. Germany is very possible.

SW Online: Do you think Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy should be re-called to national duty.

Brent Sancho: I think T&T should select a team based on players' current form, commitment to the campaign and their willingness to play for Trinbago. Players should not be selected on past reputation. If Latas and Yorke exemplify the criteria mentioned above they should be selected.

SW Online: Where did you think T&T went wrong during the 2002 World Cup Qualifiers.

Brent Sancho: The failure of the 2002 campaign was due to a combination of errors. The hunger and determination that was prevalent in the team played in the first group stage evaporated in the second group stage.

SW Online: What would you like to accomplish in life, what's your goal.

Brent Sancho: I would like to live a life with no regrets and play in a world cup.

SW Online: Do you think Bertille St Clair and Lincoln Phillips will make a better difference on the T&T team and are you happy with them as coach and technical director respectively.

Brent Sancho: Coach St Clair is one of the most successful coaches in T&T football history. Mr. Phillips is well respected in the US and holds an outstanding cv. The two put together looks very promising for football.

SW Online: What was your proudest moment in your football career.

Brent Sancho: I have two. My first would be winning the 1996 NCAA championships with St Johns. The other would be standing up for better rights for footballers. Being a part of FPATT earlier last year.

SW Online: Are you continuing to have charity matches for your late friend and team mate Mickey Trotman.

Brent Sancho: The Mickey Trotman day was a phenomenal success and I hope to be part of any charity match in his name.

SW Online: Just so you know, the fans on the SOCAwarriors Online are very proud of you and what you have accomplished and how you always show 100% commitment towards T&T football, do you have any words for the fans.

Brent Sancho: I am very proud to be a Trinibagonian. Its a blessing and a honor to put on the red, white and black strip. I hope the fans continue to support the team even when the chips are down.

SW Online: From what I understand, you started off as a striker during your St John's University days and then took up the defensive role and now midfield, seeing that you are now becoming a more overall player, what position do you prefer the most.

Brent Sancho: I dont have a preferred position. I like each position for a different reason, defense for the tackling, midfield for the work and forward for the goals.

SW Online: Were you shocked when you heard that Silvio Spann was signed by Italian club Perugia and have you ever played against him, what's your overall view of him and some of the other young T&T players coming up.

Brent Sancho: I was not shocked at all, in fact I think Silvio has the potential to become one of the best midfielders this country has ever produce. I think our country has a lot of extremely talented young players. We need to make sure we have the right structure in place to nurture there talents.

SW Online: If you had a chance to name a World All-Star 11, who would you choose.

Brent Sancho: Ilker Casillas (GK), Jaap Stam (D), Alessandro Nesta (D), Paolo Maldini (D), Roberto Carlos (D), Edgar Davids (M), Luis Figo (M), Zinedine Zidane (M), Rivaldo (M), Thierry Henry (F), Ronaldo (F).

SW Online: If you were the manager of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF), what are some of the things you would do to help make a betterment.

Brent Sancho: I would make football more accessible to the average man on the street. I would also make sure that the coach has a structure and style of play for all the national teams. There must be a professional set up within the team. Providing proper playing equipment, medical supplies, and nutrition is essential. In saying all this I dont think one person can change the state of football in Trinidad and Tobago. There must be a collective effort from everyone, form the doubles man to the prime minister for football to realize its dream.

Note:Thank you Brent for doing this interview for us on the SOCAwarriors Online.