Former Trinidad and Tobago Football Captain David Nakhid is safe but cautious in Lebanon, as talks of a future war in the region continues to escalate even as more United States army and airforce begin to set up shop in and around the region.

Nakhid who is set to return to the Lebanese league after an enforced absence of over five years admits that he lives in Beirut," And generally there is no problem, this is a Islamic country and we do not have any problems within, but we are watching everything that is happening and developing around us. What has happened in the United States, is not what Islam stands for," Nakhid told the Trinidad Guardian.

"My concern will always be for the welfare of my family and at this time, we are all okay, but we know what war in the region could mean for everybody and it not something that anyone wants, it is extremely sad what has happened in the United States,"he added

"But I am also concerned in seeing and hearing things that Islam is being branded with a broad brush for everything that is happing and that is not so, Islam is not used for that sort of action,"said Nakhid the Former St Mary's College student.

Nakhid will return to Lebanese football because, the one stumbling block to his return, Rahif Al Alemeh is no longer the General Secretary of the Lebanon Football Federation," He is no longer a member of this Board as he has been replaced after the clubs as well as the government moved in and shook up the Federation, causing there to be a lot of changes. He was a major casualty in the whole process."

"It shows you what can be done when people stand up for their rights, because there was a time when he controlled all that there was in Lebanon football and nothing could be done against him. He never thought he could have been moved, but the clubs mobilized and together with the public putting pressure on the government of the day, he was removed,"he noted.

38 year old Nakhid has three offers from which to decide his fate for the new season which begins in November- Le-Nemeh, Al -Sasa and Al-Nasr," I will continue to weight my options and take my time before making a final decision, they all look quite good for me at this stage, and I just want to get back to some competitive football."

Nakhid though was just on Tuesday presumed to be dead, when a BBC Television report carried the news that Former Trinidad and Tobago Footballer Mickey Trotman was killed in an accident in Trinidad, but showed a clipping of David Nakhid with the article.

"I found out when a friend of mine in Dubai on Wednesday called my wife and asked if I was alright, as he saw me on the BBC, next to a story about top Caribbean Footballer dies. I saw the clip later that night and yes my photo was being used and it seemed to be from the Gold Cup,"

"I have though to express my sincerest condolences to his family on the shock passing of Mickey, he will be missed by all who knew him,"he remarked.