The Buffalo Blizzard scored a 12-8 victory over the Edmonton Drillers in NPSL play on Wednesday night.

Edmonton's Rick Titus scored the first of his three two-point goals at 7:11 of the first quarter to give Edmonton a lead that quickly evaporated.

Dan Barber evened the score before the end of the first quarter with a two-point goal, then three two-point goals by Buffalo in the second left Edmonton trailing 8-2 at the half.

Scott Blokker scored Buffalo's fifth consecutive goal 5:36 into the second half, just before Titus scored his second at 8:58.

The score was 10-4 for the Blizzard through three quarters.

Edmonton's Nikola Vignjevic scored his 43rd goal of the season 5:36 into the fourth quarter before Titus completed his hat trick five minutes later.

Doug Miller scored his second goal for Buffalo -- and the final points of the game -- with just over five minutes remaining in the fourth.