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#17 Clyde LeonFormer W-Connection mid-fielder, Clyde Leon has signed to play in the Colombia Professional Division One League with team Corporacion Deportivo Itagüí Ditaires.

Leon was assisted in getting the contract by Mercuri Caribbean Limited who through their Brazilian contacts, secured the contract for the Trinidad and Tobago player.

Mercuri Caribbean has been working with Leon and his agent for some time to get a foreign contract. Leon welcomed the challenge as it will help him grow and excel as a player .

He was originally carded to play for T&TEC in this year’s local Professional League but his aspirations have escalated him to the Colombian First Division.

Leon left on Saturday to meet with the general manager of Corporacion Deportivo Itagui and Mercuri’s Caribbean partner. The local player is expected to conduct a medical examination on Monday and should begin training with his new team shortly.