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Densill Theobald, T&T midfielder is mere days away from making his debut for Dempo SC in the Indian Professional Football League. The former T&T captain has spent the last few months with the club including the recent Christmas period during which he engaged in all training sessions.

Theobald described his stay in India as an experience that has opened his eyes to a different culture that was furthest from his mind prior to his signing last year. “There’s that saying that there is no place like home for the holidays and India is my home presently so I made the best of it with my teammates and friends over here.

We travelled for an away game in Bangalore on Boxing Day,” Theobald said. Theobald said he missed his two daughters, family and friends at Christmas and New Year’s Day but sacrifices were necessary if one wanted to succeed. He said Christmas in India was undoubtedly different.
“It was different but my teammates welcomed me into their homes and it was a refreshing experience. Of course I craved my rice and peas with callaloo, stew chicken and macaroni pie. Christmas in India celebrated with the traditional decorating but I don’t think they prepare for the big day as much as we do back home,” he added.

Christians form nearly 2.3 per cent of the Indian population. But the fact that there are only about 25 million Christians in India, in no way lessens the observance of the festival. Moreover, the occasion is celebrated not only by Christians but by people of other religions.

“Everyone celebrated the day and that was a really good experience for me to see how they do it differently in terms of types of food, music. “But, Santa Claus is a big hit here with the kids. In Hindi Merry Christmas is Bade Din ki Mubarak,” said Theobald.  In India, Father Christmas or Santa Claus is held to be the giver of presents to children from a horse and cart/