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Dempo SC's Densill Theobald's registration is finally complete and the midfielder is set to play his first match for the former champions against Air India on Wednesday.

Theobald has been training with the Goan outfit for about a month, while the club have received the player's international transfer certificate through FIFA's TMS (Transfer Matching System) at 18.30 IST, club representative Jonathan D'Souza informed

Meanwhile, the head coach Armando Colaco confirmed that the 2006 World-cupper will be part of the traveling squad for the team's next match against Air India in Pune.

"Densill Thoebald is making his debut on Wednesday against Air India. He's a good midfielder who has played at the international level with Trinidad and Tobago," said Colaco.

Dempo SC are also close to completing their foreign quota with Japanese attacking midfielder Yusuke Kato for the I-League season in the Asian player segment.

"The Japanese (Kato) is coming on 22nd [of January] and we'll have a look at him. We'll see how good he is, that he has played in Argentina also," the coach further revealed.

Talking about their next match against Air India, whom Dempo defeated 14-0 last season but succummed to with a 2-0 loss in December, Colaco stated that his team are yet to recover from the mid-season loss of form.

"We are actually not playing our game lately," he said, but exerted his confidence in his side. "A couple of results haven't gone in our favour, but I'm still confident in my boys."

The 58-year-old tactician admitted, "The boys have been putting their shoulders down at the moment, but I'm sure we will regroup and play the 'Dempo' style of football soon."