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LICHTIES’ fans were delighted on Friday when it was announced that manager Paul Sheerin had persuaded striker Collin Samuel to sign on at Gayfield.

And he didn’t disappoint in his debut performance by coming off the bench to grab the sixth goal in Saturday’s win over Albion Rovers.

And even though he was delighted with the start he has made for the Lichties, he admits it was one of the easier goals he has scored throughout his career.

He explained: “I wasn’t expecting to have that start here.

“I don’t think I’ve ever scored a goal as easy as that before but I will definitely take it.

“I usually have to work hard for my goals whereas that one is probably the easiest I’ve scored throughout my career.”

The 30-year-old joins the ranks of the Lichties with bags of experience after stints with Falkirk, Dundee United and St Johnstone.

He has also made 24 appearances for his native Trinidad and Tobago, and was most recently playing for English Conference side, Luton Town.

However, he only made one appearance for the club before he left at the beginning of November.

And as former team-mate Paul Sheerin knew Samuel was without a club he persuaded him to become a part of his team which is pushing for promotion to Division One.

Collin added: “I didn’t get too many chances to play in England so I decided to come back up here.

“It was difficult not being able to play on a Saturday.

“Now I just want to play as many games as possible and hopefully get my confidence up and get back to scoring goals.

“I played together with Paul [Sheerin] at St Johnstone and knew him quite well.

“There are quite a few boys I know here that I have played with who are all good players so it shouldn’t be hard fitting in.”

And with the Lichties still in second place in Division Two Collin knows what his target is for the rest of this season.

He said: “With us being second in the table I’m hoping that by coming in I can help give the team a boost.

“And I know there are a good bunch of boys here.”