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Mohammad Royanian, the chairman of Persepolis FC, confirmed that his club has negotiated with Jlloyd Samuel to transfer this player during the mid season transfer window from archrival, Esteghlal FC, to Persepolis FC.

“Recently there were many reports published in papers and media about exchanging players from Esteghlal FC to Persepolis FC and vice versa.

Let me clear it. We have negotiated with Jlloyd Samuel (Esteghlal midfielder) but we are not going to exchange him with our players. However our negotiations are not still finalized.” said Mohammad Royanian, the president of Persepolis FC.

“Note that we are not going to exchange Jlloyd Samuel with Mohammad Ghazi or Karim Ansarifard. They are beloved players of Persepolis fans.” Mohammad Royanian added.

Ali Fathollahzadeh, the counterpart of Mohammad Royanian is Esteghlal FC, is ready to let Jlloyd Samuel move to Persepolis FC but he asks for exchanging players between these two Tehran based clubs.

It’s good to know that on 9 January 2012, Samuel signed a contract with Esteghlal FC. On 10 January 2012 he made his debut against Damash.

He spent a good half season at Esteghlal but after the end of the season, Esteghlal’s new head coach, Amir Ghalenoei named him in his list of outsiders. However, after meeting with club’s chairman he resigned on a one-year contract.