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NOW that he's swapping Stoke City for Cardiff City, perhaps Kenwyne Jones will be good enough to give his version of events.

He has hinted at the fact he was hard done by over his failure to play against Liverpool just over a fortnight ago by recently tweeting that he didn't go on strike.

That appears to fly in the face of the club's account - admittedly given off the record, but endorsed publicly by Mark Hughes - that Jones made himself unavailable for the game because of grievances over his future.

Clubs are not averse to spinning stories dramatically in their favour whenever a player is about to leave in any kind of controversial circumstance.

And the Secret Footballer - the mysterious Guardian columnist - went as far as to say that he had been reliably informed that Stoke's version was poppycock.

Well, if there was a yarn being spun by the club to undermine Jones, it was an over-elaborate one.

Surely to goodness the lie would not have gone into as much detail as to say that Jones had texted Hughes the night before the game?

Or that Hughes had texted him back to insist he report for duty against Liverpool?

It is not enough for Jones to hint at a lie being told, let's have his story in full and on the record.

If there was a text, but it was misinterpreted at the time, then let's have the nuts and bolts.

Then everyone can judge for themselves and the club can answer back if an answer is required.

The problem for Jones at this end, perhaps, is that supporters could be reluctant to believe anything he says because of the reputation he leaves behind.

And that is of a player who could have/should have given so much more from his locker during his three-and-a-half years at the Britannia.

His unfulfilled potential was not all his own fault, of course, but plenty at this end will say a generous percentage was down to the player himself.