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National forward Cordell Cato joined with members of his San Jose Earthquakes team to distribute food items to 3,000 families for Thanksgiving at the Avaya Stadium in San Jose on Tuesday.

The San Jose Earthquakes football team, the workers from Cityteam Ministries and an army of 600 hearty helpers put the 8-month old stadium to excellent use as a food distribution center that served thousands of grateful people happily getting boxes and bags of food for this week's traditional holiday meal, the Contracosta Times reported.

As for the presence of the Earthquakes, the very first player on display was the popular Cordell Cato. The smiling, whippet-thin, midfielder was packing groceries at the head of a pair of superefficient distribution lines moving through the belly of the 18,000-seat stadium, which opened in March. The only “person” to upstage Cato was the famed Quakes mascot.

“I always notice when I see families that look like they are struggling,” said Cato, 23, who worked alongside the fuzzy, blue mascot. “My childhood was not so great, so I want to use today to help make sure that these people have a good Thanksgiving.