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Minnesota United veteran midfielder Kevin Molino has three assists this season after creating Darwin Quintero’s goal in Wednesday’s 1-0 victory over Colorado Rapids. He also has three goals.

But Loons coach Adrian Heath wants more — and less: more goals from a player he has coached since 2011 with the United Soccer League’s Orlando City team and a little less unselfishness.

“He’s had a hand in our last three, four goals,” Heath said. “When he’s on good form and he feels confident about himself and his body, he’s a really, really good player.

“My only grumble has been he doesn’t score enough goals for his ability. A little bit more selfish, a little bit more greedy at times would help. That’s the nature of him. He gets as much satisfaction making a goal as scoring a goal. He has been creating for us.”

Molino said Friday his body has caught up with his mind in his return from knee surgery last season, when he tore his left ACL in just the second game, in Orlando of all places.

“For me, it’s the group that’s important,” he said. “If I score every game, but we don’t win, it’s not important. We win, I assist, I don’t assist [doesn’t matter]. I know I should be selfish at times, but if I see a player in better position, why not give them the ball? I have to play for the team.”

SOURCE: Star Tribune