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With World Cup hopeful Hector Sam now back in training, Martin Foyle says the first thing he should be looking at is earning another contract with Port Vale.

He said: "Hector is back training with me now and that is a big relief. He was training with us for about three or four weeks, but he was still limping and once you have got that limp you are never right.

"He has been up to see Martin Copeland, who has had him morning and afternoon, just working solely with Hector and I would like to thank Martin for his help and his time.

"Hector looks a lot stronger now and the limp has gone, so now he can resume and hopefully he will be up and flying now.

"You have got to be wary after an injury like that, because the first thought is, 'what if somebody goes through and catches me on the right spot, I am back to square one again', so there is that fear factor.

"We thought he would be back in December and we are in February now. He has had a lot more time to heal, so the healing side of it is very good.

"It was just the limp and now hopefully that has gone so maybe we are looking at March with two or three reserve games before then.

"But he has got to push himself, we can only meet halfway, but he is going to work hard and that should be interested.

"His incentive is the World Cup, but even if the World Cup wasn't there to push him, his target should be getting back to playing for Port Vale and playing in ten games before the end of the season.

"I would take the World Cup away because that is the icing on the cake for him. Hopefully he needs the bread and butter, his contract is up at the end of the season.

"There is a lot of work to do. I will be watching him big time just to see if he has got that fire in his belly."