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SYDNEY FC showman Dwight Yorke yesterday revealed why he wants to be a creator of goals instead of a predator in the twilight of his football career.

He said that he always wanted to play in midfield in the latter stages of life as a professional footballer – and it's from the middle of the park that he'll not only lead Sydney in the A-League finals, but also Trinidad and Tobago in the World Cup finals in Germany in June.

"It is a fact that if I don't score I like to set someone up these days," he said.

"While I played up front for such a long time and it was my job to score goals, I get more satisfaction playing there (in midfield) now. It's always something I wanted to do and thought I would go to and, at 34, I think I'm pretty much in good nick.

"That's where I'm now playing for my country. Why not learn and gain more experience out here before I go to the World Cup? At least when I get there I'm prepared."

In a wide-ranging interview, Sydney's star signing spoke about:

THE A-LEAGUE "I was very naive when I came and I didn't quite expect it to go as well as it has gone. Foxtel has made a great difference, and the Socceroos qualifying has pushed the boundaries even more."

THE STANDARD "It has surprised me a little bit but there's obviously room for improvement. There's a couple of standouts for sure. I think more foreigners should be invited to improve the league hugely. I think that's important. However, it's not been a bad start.

"I've done my research and after what's been happening in past seasons, to have 25,000 (at Aussie Stadium on Friday) and not 2000 or 3000 is a massive improvement.

"The football is going in the right direction and the people involved in it need to improve from here on in."

THE STARS "I never like to mention names. The reasons are if they were that great they would not be here. "That kid from Melbourne (Archie Thompson) who's gone to PSV Eindhoven on loan is a handful on his day when he wants to put himself about. There are a few more who I feel should be abroad. There might be reasons why they are here."

WHO DO YOU FEAR "No one. No one at all. I think because I've played at a top level more people fear me.

"However, one of the toughest players I ever came up against was Fernando Hiero (former Spain and Real Madrid defender). He knows how to play the game and he thinks very quickly."

CRICKET "I am a massive cricket fan. Always have been and always will. Every opportunity I get to go and see a game in Sydney I do.

"I was there yesterday (Sunday) to watch Australia play against South Africa. (Adam) Gilchrist is always entertaining. He went through a difficult run like we all do and he comes back with a blaze of runs. I am a big (Ricky) Ponting fan as well."

MARK BOSNICH "I haven't spoken to Bozza for close to a year.

"My main concern about Bozza is not about football and getting back (playing). It's about getting his health and his life back. For me, that's most important."

THE NIGHT LIFE "People don't know me that well. The media in the past have painted a certain picture of me. I've looked after myself over the years. I've been out with the best blondes. That's a fact and I don't deny that. I like a fantastic-looking woman, but who doesn't? But does that give reason for me being a bad person?

"But when it comes to a work ethic and football that's different. You don't get to the top just being a playboy or going out every night.

"When I go to work, I work – and I also do a lot of things behind the scenes that people don't know about."